Martin Dürbeck

Foundation 1896

The history of “Anton Dürbeck GmbH” began in Falkenau an der Eger. That is where Martin Dürbeck founded “Martin Dürbeck Fruchthandel”.
The firm prospered from the start so well that it withstood the many political upheavals in the years that followed.
First, it survived the collapse of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, to which the Egerland as a province of Bohemia belonged.

In 1919, when the Treaty of Versailles gave life to the Czechoslovakian Republic, Martin Dürbeck’s sons Anton and Karl continued their father’s work in this new state. Under them, the company survived the economic crises of the 20’s and 30’s, and the rapid demise of their young country in 1938.
At this time “Martin Dürbeck Fruchthandel” was a highly respected import/ wholesale trading house.

South Tyrol Tishina Großmarkthalle Frankfurt Selling off the lorry

War and banishment

In 1945, everything was for the time being completely finished. At the end of the war, a communist Czechoslovakian republic emerged where there was no longer room for this firm. Like fifteen million other Germans who were driven out of the eastern territories, Anton and Karl Dürbeck became victims of the Jalta and Potsdam Agreements.

However, two short years later, in 1947, Anton Dürbeck made a new start in Wetzlar, which, following the currency reform an alter regaining permission to free trade, led to the founding of a Frankfurt branch as a fruit importing company.

Karl Dürbeck 1954

Karl Dürbeck

Anton’s son Karl, who had been born in 1931, had just obtained his degree in economic sciences in 1953, when he found himself at the head of the company. His father died suddenly early in 1954. The company worked in modest circumstances, and his starting-off point was a small stand in the Frankfurt wholesale market.

The firm was doubtlessly assisted by the general economic boom, and soon developed into a flourishing enterprise, which from the later 1950’s onwards devoted itself not only to contacts with Holland and Italy but also to trade with Spain and Argentina. Later came trade with Chile and other southern hemisphere countries.

Converting into ANTON DÜRBECK GmbH 1983

In 1983 this traditional firm finally took on the shape it has today. Under the Law Regulating Transformation of Companies, the one-man firm was converted into “Anton Dürbeck GmbH”. Since the beginning of the 1980’s, Karl Dürbeck has involved himself also in the production of fruit in Chile. Since 1992 “Anton Dürbeck GmbH” is importing bananas from Ecuador. The firm is also represented in Bologna, Rotterdam (Barendrecht) and Santiago de Chile. The firm’s head office still remains in Frankfiurt am Main, where a staff of highly qualified employees puts the strategy of the company into practice: a successful future through independence, flexibility, and self-reliance on the basis of decades of experience. _

The fourth generation – Mathias Dürbeck

Mathias Dürbeck

This has been the principle since 1988 of Karl’s son Mathias, who after passing his economics examination summa cum laude, now represents the fourth generation of the house of Dürbeck.
Mathias, born in 1959, experienced internationally not only in the fruit business but also in banking, together with his young team, guarantees the continuation of the successful management of the company.
In import trade, the “Anton Dürbeck GmbH” is an important and interesting factor for customers of all segments of the market.